Ghost Fish Coelacanth: Found Alive in Madagascar | ‘Four Legged’ Living Fossil

A 420 million years old Coelacanth Fish that predates even the dinosaurs were found alive in Madagascar. It was accidentally rediscovered by a group of South African shark hunters.

Previously thought to be extinct about 66 million years ago, it was discovered in the year 1938. Today, its two species are found in Africa and Indonesia. The recently found coelacanth is identified as Latimera chalumnae.

The marine scientists are, however, worried about the JARIFA nets that caught them. They believe it poses threat to survival of ‘Critically Endangered’ coelacanth species. They are astound by the numbers in which they were caught despite no efforts to conserve or protect them.

Watch the video below to know about the new rediscovery and other astonishing facts and features of this ‘Living Fossil’.

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